Revenue Cycle Management

A healthcare technical partner supporting claims activities end to end

Revenue Cycle management (RCM) is the financial process between healthcare providers and insurance payers, where utilizing the right RCM technical tool and process that facilitates to process the claims activities more efficiently and effectively.

RCM system provide a platform to bring together business and clinical side of healthcare administrative data such as patient data, clinical data, insurance data, and claims data till collecting the payment. And Cephal RCM system track claims throughout their lifecycles, these technologies facilitate a steady stream of revenue.

Establishing timely communication with health insurance payers is very vital in effective RCM.

Our RCM System modules are:

Insurance Eligibility checks

Insurance contact management

Pre-approval management

Insurance billing

Medical coding tool

Medical code auditing tool

Claims pre-submission audit based on healthcare payer payment behavior

Electronic claims submission

Insurance settlement electronic update

Denial management

Claims dashboard and reports

Claims Analytics

Claims Document Management

Cephal RCM system equip healthcare providers to manage their RCM process more efficiently,

We offer RCM system as:

Standalone application

Integrated application with Hospital Information System


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